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Edge is a division of EuroSearch Consultants specialising in the selection of specialists and middle managers.

Tradition and quality

EDGE is the fruit of the consolidated tradition and market presence of EuroSearch, and its purpose is to implement the quality of Executive Search into an optimised process for the selection of specialists and middle managers.


Team and experience

Dedicated Senior Consultants carry out search projects with support from a team of expert recruiters that bring together tradition, quality and innovative instruments with the aim of selecting high-potential individuals, supporting candidate and employers all along the recruitment and onboarding process.

Innovation and selection

EDGE operates with an eye to continuous improvement and innovation in search and selection processes, so as to ensure a selected and validated short-list of optimum candidates with a quick turn-around time. 
Optimisation of processes is therefore at the basis of EDGE’s strategy, thus leveraging competitiveness and quality assurance.


Talents and motivation

Candidates are encouraged by the consultants and recruiters team to actively take part in the selection process, validating the match between previous experience and requirements and effectively proving their drive for that position, thus deserving a place in EDGE’s talent pool.



Employer and presentation

All of the information concerning open positions and candidates presented is made available to the employer’s key people involved in the selection, through an interactive digital platform also accessible from mobile. Feedback and diaries are exchanged in real time for an efficient and transparent management of the recruitment process.

The edge and the challenge

Being part of EuroSearch and of the international ECI Group network enables EDGE to replicate the tailored quality, processes and procedures of the entire selection process without geographical limitations. Our ethical code guides us in all of the stages of the assignment: privacy, confidentiality, integrity and equal opportunities lead our actions.